Introducing Watch This! from Jane Godwin, Beci Orpin and Hilary Walker

Scribble is excited to announce that we will be publishing a unique, collaborative project by the creative dream team of Jane Godwin, Beci Orpin and Hilary Walker.

Watch This! is a photographic picture book about children using their bodies to make sense of shapes in a playful way. It is a celebration of movement, kinetic energy, pattern and colour.

‘I want the book to encourage children’s confidence in their bodies and what they can do, and to invite children to have fun making these shapes – with others and on their own. I hope too that Watch This! will foster awareness that shapes are all around us in our daily lives,’ says Jane Godwin.

Jane Godwin is a highly acclaimed author of over twenty books for children, across all styles and ages. Beci Orpin is a designer-illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Hilary Walker is a Melbourne-based photographer living and working in Brunswick East. Beci and Hilary have collaborated previously on projects for the magazine Lunch Lady.

Watch This! is scheduled for publication in 2018.