Scribble signs new Bell and Colpoys book

Scribble is thrilled to have acquired the third book from acclaimed duo Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys, which follows the success of the award-winning Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade (2015) and last year’s stunning Under the Love Umbrella.

All the Ways To Be Smart is a charming, cheerful celebration of the uniqueness of our intelligence, illustrated with Allison Colpoys’ trademark luminous and expressive style. In bright rhyme, the text encourages child readers to consider their everyday actions as both clever and valuable — particularly those (like creative expression, performance, and physicality) that fall outside traditional measures of academic achievement. Based loosely around the theory of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, this book is for every child who’s looked around their classroom or living room and felt that, compared to a sibling or peer, they weren’t good at anything at all.

From first concept to first manuscript to first illustration roughs, it’s been clear this is a very special project, and one that we’re so proud to have on our list. All the Ways To Be Smart will be published in October 2018 — just in time for Christmas.

Scribble acquired world rights from Pippa Masson at Curtis Brown.

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