Q&A with Katrina Lehman

Q&A with Katrina Lehman

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

I like to write about family, and particularly about childhood. I come from a large family and have always been fascinated by family dynamics. I also had a dream childhood growing up on a farm in country NSW – our whole world was about unstructured play, creativity, resilience and independence. Now that I am bringing up a big family in an urban environment, I am always seeking to depict the wildness and chaos of children that I want to embrace and encourage.

Do you ever get writers block and, if so, how do you get the creative juices flowing again?

With three young children and four days at work, I have very little time to write, or to read! Because of this, I tend to do a lot of mental writing. I file away little incidents, overheard conversations, an image I’ve seen on a book cover, even perhaps a line from an adult book that provokes a reaction ‘Imagine if…’ I’ll mull on them, mentally sift through them, and wait for something to keep floating to the top.

Is there a certain song/music you like listening to or prefer peace and quiet?

Norah Jones. It has to be fairly unobtrusive and not too distracting. Something soothing and rhythmic.

Do you like writing in a certain location, ie near the seaside, in a park, in your garden or at a cafe?

I like a noisy café surrounded by people, watching stories being acted out right in front of me. Or sitting in bed late at night with my laptop and my side table lamp on. It’s warm and cosy and a bit mysterious, just me and my characters.

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