Q&A with Sophie Beer

Q&A with Sophie Beer

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

I get a lot of inspiration from colour combinations! If I find one that clicks, the rest of the illustration just flows out. The annoying thing is when you can’t find one that works and you’re just pulling your hair out in frustration!

If you have illustrator’s block, how do you get the creative juices flowing again?

If I’m stuck, I find going for a long walk and people watching helps a lot. Being in nature is very rejuvenating too, so I spend a lot of time gardening to help with inspiration!

Is there a certain song/music you like listening to or do you prefer peace and quiet? 

I have to work with music or a podcast, I find it increases my productivity! I adore the music of Joanna Newsom, so I’m usually belting out her songs full blast as my pets run for cover from the noise explosion. I have become obsessed with the podcast Ologies, so that was my soundtrack for illustrating Izzy and Frank!

Do you like drawing in a certain space, ie. outdoors, in the gardens?

I work digitally, so I’m always drawing in my study! That’s why I try to make it as ridiculous and colourful as possible, so I’m working in an inspiring space.

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