I Am Doodle Cat

Introducing Doodle Cat with his eccentric and marvellous list of loves that kids will love to share.

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Publisher notes

  • Publication date: 28/3/2016
    ISBN: 9781925321487
    Format (h x w): 230mm x 230mm HB
    Extent: 36pp
    RRP: AUD $19.99
    Rights Held: World English (exc. USA, Canada & New Zealand)

  • Publication date: 14/4/2016
    ISBN: 9781925228465
    Format: 230mm x 230mm HB
    Extent: 36pp
    RRP: GBP £9.99
    Rights Held: World English (exc. USA, Canada & New Zealand)


I Am Doodle Cat is a cheerful children’s book here to encourage imagination, celebration of the things you love, and finding the magic in silliness. Written by Kat Patrick, with delightful illustrations by Lauren Marriott, this book shows a tomato-red Doodle Cat rejoicing in everyday pleasures such as swimming in the ocean, wearing a favourite onesie, and playing guitar. Whatever your age, I Am Doodle Cat reminds you of the universe’s splendidness, and above all, to remember to love YOU!

One of Readings ‘Best of April 2016’ picture books


‘This uplifting read is a great way to teach your little ones to love and appreciate everything they enjoy about life, from small things to big things alike.’
Practical Parenting

‘It’s quirky, funny and is probably going to become one of your child’s favourite new books this year!’
Casey Cardinia Kids

‘Simple but hugely effective, a charismatic cat and a great love of life fused together in a fun and hilarious book . . . You’ll fall in love with Doodle Cat, we guarantee it!’

—Eva, aged 7, loves animals and jumping on her dad

‘ I love the book’
—James, aged 3, loves drums

‘It’s cool and really funny’
—Milla, aged 6, loves reading