Little Mouse

Little Mouse has lots to do and a lot of things he’d rather not do!

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  • Publication date: 1/8/2016
    ISBN: 9781925321487
    Format (h x w): 187mm x 165mm HB
    RRP: AUD $17.99
    Extent: 40pp
    Rights Held: UK & Commonwealth

  • Publication date: 11/8/2016
    ISBN: 9781925228762
    Format (h x w): 187mm x 165mm HB
    RRP: GBP £7.99
    Extent: 40pp
    Rights Held: UK & Commonwealth


A day in the life of a toddler is a busy one — as all parents know — and Little Mouse’s day is no exception. Between getting dressed, going to childcare, eating dinner, and making time for splashing in puddles, Little Mouse has a lot to do … and a lot to say ‘no’ to!

This warm and humorous picture book from well-loved Finnish author/illustrator Riikka Jäntti introduces Little Mouse — a small kid with a big personality — who parents and childen will relate to instantly. In Little Mouse, everyday life combines with the wonder of early childhood to produce a captivating story that’s sure to become a read-aloud favourite.


‘English readers will see something of Beatrix Potter’s poetry and precision in the Helsinki-based illustrator and author’s retro ink and watercolour illustrations. Pitched at children aged up to four, Little Mouse will also delight parents, taking them back to when every day was an adventure.’
–William Yeoman, The Weekend West 

‘My little lady loves seeing her daily life and toddler trials and tribulations mirrored on the pages of this delightful read’
Oh Creative Day

‘This book is a physically beautiful oddity, made more interesting by its unsanctimonious narrative arc and Jantti’s acknowledgement that parents will be inconsistent and and must often choose their battles…[D]rawings are Scandi sublime. My three-year-old adores Little Mouse’s defiance. If only it came with a free tail to yank.’
–Alex O’Connell, Times 

‘This is a universal story for mamas and their children; you’ll both be nodding in sympathy and laughing at such familiarity!’
–Jackie Small, My Little Bookcase

‘The illustrations inside are fantastic and provide a lot of talking points (I especially love the illustration of his bedroom…so many things to look at and talk about!) I think this is the perfect little story to read at bedtime and will make both parent and child giggle. Lovely!’
Blabbering About Books

Times ‘Children’s Book of the Week’


“Riikka Jäntti has created an easily relatable work that will surely captivate both children and their parents. The illustrations are charming, detailed in their simplicity and, most importantly, cozy and inviting…this will be a favorite for many children.”
– Kirjakaapin avain (“Book Cabinet Key”) literature blog,  Finland

“In its simplicity and familiarity this breezy children’s book inspired many nods and murmurs of recognition – at least in us grown-up readers. The book includes plenty of moments familiar to parents of toddlers; moments in which a child doesn’t want to do something or wants to do things on his or her own.”
– Luetaanko tämä? (“Shall we Read This?”) children’s literature blog, Finland

The perfect book for toddlers and the parents who love and endure them.