There’s Not One

Jennifer Higgie’s joyous debut celebrates the details and diversity of the world around us.

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Publisher notes

  • Publication Date: 29/8/2016
    ISBN: 9781925321708
    Format (h x w): 175mm x 260mm HB
    Extent: 28pp
    RRP: AUD $24.99
    Rights held: World

  • Publication Date: 10/11/2016
    ISBN: 9781925228816
    Format (h x w): 175mm x 260mm HB
    Extent: 28pp
    RRP: GBP £10.99
    Rights held: World


In kaleidoscopic colour, Higgie takes young readers on a journey from some of life’s most important things (baked beans!) to some of life’s biggest wonders (stars!). The perfect early picture book for the curious kid!

Top Reviewed Book for September & October!
4.5/5 stars
Books & Publishing Junior


‘In this bright book about the expanses of the world and the unlimited nature of life and understanding, kids will fall in and feel so comfortable. As though they are home. They will also love the vibrantly-coloured illustrations and typography–least of all for its delightful childlike naivety–but also for its pleasing design elements (I’ve always said children’s books need to be high on design, if not more so, than adult books). A simple concept, beautifully done, and one that will appeal to even the tiniest tot.’
— Kid’s Book Review

‘This luscious picture book offers such pleasures that small children (and their grown-up read-aloud machines) will be drawn towards it. Its simple story—that while there are billions and zillions of all sorts of things, there is only one you—is full of heart yet stays well away from sentimentality’
— Anica Boulanger-Mashberg, Books & Publishing Junior

There’s Not One’s by Jennifer Higgie celebrates diversity by highlighting that there isn’t just a single baked bean/ dog/ star but that they are all smaller parts of a greater whole. It is a riot of colour that has gone straight to my 2016 List of Favourite Books.’
— Shannon, Oh Creative Day