Under the Love Umbrella

A stunning celebration of the joy and comfort that love can bring.

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  • Publication date: 27/02/2017
    ISBN: 9781925321265
    Format (h x w): 255mm x 210mm HB
    Extent: 32pp
    RRP: AUD $24.99|NZD $30.00
    Rights held: World

  • Publication date: 27/02/2017
    ISBN: 9781925228205
    Format (h x w): 255mm x 210mm HB
    Extent: 32pp
    RRP: £11.99
    Rights held: World

  • Publication date: 01/07/2020
    ISBN: 9781947534971
    Format (h x w): 255mm x 210mm HB
    Extent: 32pp
    RRP: US $16.99
    Rights held: World


Whatever you fear, come close my dear
You’re tucked in safe for always here
And I will never not be near
Because of our love umbrella

From this award-winning creative duo comes a stunning celebration of the joy and comfort that love can bring – wherever we roam in the big, wild world.

Scribble Feelings Pack

Together with UK education agency Shapes for Schools, Scribble has developed an RSE resource pack for KS1/KS2 teachers, aimed at developing emotional literacy. The pack, suitable for ages 6–8, is based around books by Allison Colpoys and Davina Bell, including All the Ways to be Smart, Under the Love Umbrella, and The Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade.

The pack is divided into four parts. The first is a pre-reading resource, and the following three each correspond to one of the books in the series. Between games, drawing exercises, group activities and questions, the resource helps children to identifying feelings, understand anxiety, express love and celebrate our differences.

Download the resource pack.

‘A truly beautiful book.’
—The Sun


‘Captivating neon illustrations add even more charm to this already delightful story. Under the Love Umbrella reminds children that comfort and love is ever-present, even when you are not near your family.’
—Bianca Barratt, Evening Standard

‘The ‘love umbrella’ is a sweet analogy for invisible, protective, omnipresent love, and the story is simple: no matter what challenge children may face, they can always rely on the love umbrella above them. The idea is warm, heartfelt and comforting, and will stay with readers as an evocative metaphor for communicating emotion between any two people who love each other.’ (4/5 stars)
—Anica Boulanger-Mashberg, Books & Publishing Junior

The Love Umbrella is an all-inclusive sensitive and loving embrace between a child and a parent or carer.’
—Angela Crocombe, Readings Monthly

‘A truly charming book little ones will adore.’
—Little London