Who’s Your Real Mum?

A beautifully illustrated story, written with a light and humorous touch, that celebrates nontraditional families and captures exactly what lies at the heart of family life — love.

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  • Publication date: 31 March 2020
    ISBN: 9781925849493
    Format (h x w): 275mm x 235mm HB
    RRP: AU $24.99
    Extent: 32pp
    Rights Held: World

  • Publication date: 11 June 2020
    ISBN: 9781912854868
    Format (h x w): 275mm x 235mm HB
    Extent: 32pp
    RRP: £11.99
    Rights held: World

  • Publishing as: Who's Your Real Mom?
    Publication date: 2 June 2020
    ISBN: 9781950354245
    Format (h x w): 275mm x 235mm HB
    RRP: US $16.99
    Extent: 32pp
    Rights Held: World


‘Elvi, which one is your mum?’
‘They’re both my mums.’
‘But which one’s your real mum?’

When Nicholas wants to know which of Elvi’s two mums is her real mum, she gives him lots of clues. Her real mum is a circus performer, and a pirate, and she even teaches spiders the art of web.

But Nicholas still can’t work it out! Luckily, Elvi knows just how to explain it to her friend. . .

‘A gorgeous story with an understanding and tender heart. There’s a lot of humour within, a nurturing of curiosity and absurdity but overall; it’s a story about family, and love – always love.’
–Danielle Binks, Alpha Reader


‘This is an exceptional book. It promises kindness, humour and insight, and absolutely delivers … Bernadette Green’s story presents the theme of ‘non-traditional’ families with a simplicity, sensitivity and playfulness that makes you wonder how anyone could ever feel confronted by such a concept. The detailed illustrations—reminiscent of a John Burningham universe populated with Alison Lester-esque characters—are comforting yet cheeky, and the brilliant visual device of contrasting the restrained colour palette of everyday life (nostalgic yellows/russets/pinks/browns) with the sweeping monochromatic world (bright blues) of Elvi’s mums’ imagined exploits. Who’s Your Real Mum? manages that rare combination of meaningful moral and pure narrative pleasure.’
–Anica Boulanger-Mashberg, Books+Publishing

‘This imaginative picture book affirmation of family centers brown-skinned Elvi, who has two mothers. When Elvi’s friend Nicholas asks which of her parents is the “real” one…Elvi cleverly reframes the subject, defining her mother in ways every child can understand… Hatched and stippled textures in ink and marker […] offer the illustrations a snug, soft feel.’ —Publishers Weekly

‘Elvi (a child of color with light brown skin and straight, brown hair) has two moms (one of whom has darker skin and hair and one, lighter than Elvi). When Nicholas (who has light brown skin and curly hair) comes over to their house, he asks, “Elvi, which one is your real mom?” Elvi’s initial, confident retort is: “They’re both my real mom.” Elvi patiently offers similar responses as Nicholas persists, then starts to have a little fun…’ –Kirkus