Alice Lindstrom

Your favourite book as a child?
I had many favourites. I did love the 'Mog' series by Judith Kerr

Your favourite colour combination?
Deep turquoise and a rich burgundy. I seem to use that combination a lot.

Your favourite word?
Effervescent. It sounds exactly like it should sound.

Your favourite vegetable?
I really like cauliflower. It's so versatile!

Your favourite animal?
I don't have a favourite but the koala is a really incredible creature and the current threats it faces are just devastating. In general, I am a big fan of most animals but would say I am most familiar with house cats!

About Alice

Alice is a Melbourne-based illustrator who works in paper collage, using cut and paste techniques, painting and preparing the paper beforehand, before cutting and assembling it to create textured and painterly collages. Alice’s aesthetic draws on diverse influences, including mid-century illustration and design, folk art as well as Modern art movements.

Her book, Beautiful Eggs, will be published in March and is the third children’s book that Alice has illustrated. As a child, she would always paint eggs with her mum at Easter time and loved the opportunity to work on this book. She works from a backyard studio in Melbourne and is usually joined by her two cats who like to walk, sit and sleep on her desk as she’s working.

‘Beautiful Eggs is a unique and engaging gift idea that celebrates family, art and tradition and will be a cherished addition to any child’s Easter celebrations.’ (4/5 stars)
—Jacqui Davies, Books+Publishing