Anna Zobel

Your favourite book as a child?
I really loved Peter and the Bogeyman.
The Bogeyman gets turned into salt and slowly chipped into bits and fed to children.

Your favourite colour combination?
Impossible to answer! Probably yellow and grey?

Your favourite word?

Your favourite vegetable?
Zucchini, followed closely by capsicum.

Your favourite animal?
I'm a really big fan of dugongs.

About Anna

Anna Zobel is an illustrator, writer and teacher from Melbourne, Australia. As a child, Anna wrote and illustrated her own books, and she hasn’t stopped since. Anna is inspired — and occasionally infected — by the children she works with, and hopes to represent them in her work.

‘A gorgeous story with an understanding and tender heart. There’s a lot of humour within, a nurturing of curiosity and absurdity but overall; it’s a story about family, and love – always love.’
–Danielle Binks, Alpha Reader